Yoga on the Green

Start your Sunday off right.

Free, bliss-filled yoga on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.

Stay afterwards for the Farmers Market or join our free social dance session at Dancing on the Green* (*1st Sunday of the month only).

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts

About the Artist

Ian Cariaga

My journey into yoga began as a meditation practice from the age of sixteen to assist with increasing my focus during study and sport. I also chose to practice yoga to go beyond the physical experience of pain and injury acquired from sport to mentally heal and strengthen my resolve. The practice initially helped in gaining flexibility and range of motion which are two integral qualities needed to perform at a high level of sport. I also began to feel my balance improve and recovery times shortened due to the fact my body was healing faster due to yoga.

Eventually, my devotion to my yoga practice had led me to India in a roundabout way. Experiencing India is a must for anyone looking to expand the awareness of self and get an authentic view of yoga. Wherever I travel, I continue to integrate yoga into my daily life. And after 26 years I have never been more connected to my yoga practice. From yoga I have experienced working with world-class professional sporting teams and champion athletes which is just as rewarding as working with the general and special populations. My focus is about selflessness and any knowledge that has been passed onto me from my gurus and teachers I am willing to share that wisdom to anyone that will be open to the science of yoga.

I never aspired to become a teacher, but sometimes these things happen by chance. Or do they?

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