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Kids Take Over | Mini Marketeers

Now’s your chance to run your own market stall right here at HOTA’s Kids Take Over Music Café on Sunday the 26th of September. Be creative, think outside of the box.

Be it a lemonade stall or a craft stall with something you made. There is no limit to the possibilities.


Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts

Current Stallholders:

  1. Willow’s Clay Emporium
  2. Mark’s home made lollies
  3. Earings, cakes and cookies
  4. Made by Stella, secret dreams arts and crafts
  5. Ruby Rose Boutique
  6. JCB Jenna’s creative badges
  7. Deacon & Soda’s Rock Painting, books and bookmarks
  8. Teehee’s Phone Cases
  9. Lilly’s Curious Brain- Hudson in a Hat is a scaredy cat
  10. Soy Wax melts
  11. Resin Art
  12. James’s home made Jam
  13. Isla’s mini succulent bowls with Fairies & cartoons
  14. Mala’s earings, gemstones and diffuser bracelets
  15. Dhilan’s tie dyed T-shirts
  16. Spooky Boo stall
  17. Tie dye shirts, socks, pants & plant
  18. Creative Corner By Maddi and Rosie featuring homemade scrunchies, loom creations and fidget toys

Keeping You Safe

To keep everyone safe while at HOTA we have a COVID Safe plan and are using the new Check In Queensland app. Please make sure you keep up to date with Queensland Government guidelines at

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