Concert for Dogs

Concert for Dogs by Laurie Anderson | 9.00am
First performed on the steps of Sydney’s Opera House in 2010, the inspired Concert for Dogs has since been developed and unfolded for audiences in Times Square and Brighton England.

Concert for Dogs is composed of melodies, frequencies and riffs especially created to entertain dogs and their accompanying humans. Sound, music and voice combine to elicit moments of wonder and joy.

For her HOTA performance, Laurie Anderson introduces several new themes and elements. And yes, barking is allowed.

HEART OF A DOG (outdoor film screening) 9:30am
“We had learned to love Lolabelle as she loved us – with a tenderness we didn’t know we had.

Dogs are able to look at people, study them, see what’s making them tick, and that’s what I like to do.

The purpose of love is the release of love.”

Dreamy and engaging, the internationally acclaimed film written and directed by Laurie Anderson, Heart of a Dog (2015) was inspired by her rat terrier Lolabelle and dedicated to her late husband Lou Reed. The film traverse’s themes of life, love both given and received, the journey of death, the fallibility of language and a whole lot of other things.

A film about things that are very sad, but with a lot of joy.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, Canal Street Communications and Pomegranate Arts.


About Laurie Anderson

Unapologetically experimental, Laurie Anderson is best known for her multimedia presentations and innovative use of technology. Based out of New York City, she has published seven books, had chart-topping hits including 1981s “O Superman,” and has had her artwork presented in major galleries around the world. In 2015 she directed the film Heart of a Dog inspired by her terrier Lolabelle, and dedicated to her late husband Lou Reed. Rolling Stone describes Anderson as both “a singer-songwriter of crushing poignancy” and “a minimalist painter of melancholy moods who addresses universal themes in the vernacular of the commonplace.”

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