Chat 10 Looks 3 Live

Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales, co-hosts of the cult podcast “Chat 10, Looks 3”, venture to the Gold Coast so that Sales can give Crabb lessons in how to be a Queenslander while both of them soak up a little bit of post-Logies glow that neither of them experienced at the time owing to not having been nominated for anything.

What this pair of bunglers might lack in technical stagecraft, they more than make up for in seemingly endless banter about what they’ve been reading, cooking and watching of late. Marvel at their individual super-powers: Crabb’s is for carrying on chatting well after even quite pointed signals have been delivered that it’s time to shut up.

Sales’ is to be virtually unembarrassable. A handy trait for a redheaded kid who did a lot of Highland dancing.

Presented by Chat 10 Looks 3 Productions

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