Artists Salons

This is an open invitation for any artists and their friends on the Gold Coast to attend a monthly meeting where you’ll make new networks, collaborators and friends. The purpose is really to maintain an ongoing critical conversation about being a working artist. And the City of Gold Coast is committed to supporting the next generation of artists on the Gold Coast.

Artists Salons is a program of curated conversations designed to cover a range of topics relevant to making a sustainable career in the arts and cultural sectors. Each salon will be slightly different not only in focus but in format. Sometimes planned alongside an exhibition or performance or social networking event. Bring your colleagues, your collaborators, your friends or family. This salon series is for artists wanting to engage in a conversation about the artistic practices and also the arts management side of earning a living.

Lenine Bourke is the lead facilitator for each of these salons, and will be joined by a series of speakers from around Australia.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts and City of Gold Coast

Screen time – from idea to production

Thu 4 Jul, 5-7pm

As technology and media consumption changes, screen culture is in the hands – literally – of more and more people, leaving media makers with more opportunities and challenges than ever before.

This salon welcomes artists who are interested in screen-based practices to learn from media makers, each with a different and unique set of experiences. Financing and recruiting teams, identifying presenting partners, and keeping up with changing trends – this is a chance to tackle some of the important considerations regarding a career in the industry.

Speakers: Rob Corless (Director, Erabot Animation Studio), Rosie Dennis (Freelance Film Director and Artistic Director & CEO Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival), Dean Gibson (Director, Bacon Factory Films), Anna Waters-Massey (Sundayarvo Productions).

Calling all Writers – sending your story into the world

Thu 8 Aug, 5 – 7pm

How do you get your story ready to publish, or ready for the stage or screen? A career in writing can take many forms – it can be diverse and exciting, and take place individually or collaboratively, with audiences and readers engaging in different ways.

This Salon will bring together people working in different writing spaces – writing for readers, for performance, or interactive experience. Speakers will unpack the ways in which a writer can get their work from the computer screen or notebook and out into the world.

Speakers: Announced soon.

Eats & Drinks before, during or after?

We highly recommend booking at our Café.

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