Sleeping Beauty - Moscow Ballet La Classique

Ballet’s most loved fairy-tale.

The greatest success of Russian theatre is undoubtedly classical ballet.

La Classique was founded in 1990 by its current director Elik Melikov.

With its artistic ballet mastery, lavish costumes and magnificent stage sets, the illustrious La Classique will take us on a mystical journey to the fairy-tale world of Princess Aurora the sleeping beauty.

Once upon a time a distant kingdom celebrated the birth of a beautiful princess who they named ‘Aurora’.

Princess Aurora pricks her finger on a needle hidden in a bouquet of flowers presented to her by the disguised Carabosse. She falls into a deep sleep. ‘Prince Deserea’ finds the princess of his dreams, Princess Aurora the sleeping beauty in this 2 act fairy-tale performance, Moscow Ballet La Classique invites the whole family to an evening of spectacular capturing the imagination, the passion and the magic of Sleeping Beauty.

A hugely enjoyable dance spectacular for ballet lovers of all ages.

Presented by Moscow Ballet La Classique.

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