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Lufthaus | Gogi Dance Collective

Please note this performance will be presented while still in the development stage. 

When Viviane was 8 years old she designed an incredible house. As a young girl growing up in Switzerland, people called her design a ‘Lufthaus’, or an ‘air-house’. Those who build houses in the air have big imaginations and to some people their designs can seem like a pipe dream… but 25 years later Viviane’s dream house is almost mainstream. Working with the real designs of four kids from around the world, Vivi now wants to take you on a tour of the Lufthaus.

Lufthaus is a 30min interactive physical theatre show to inspire our kids in their future home designs and highlight the power of imagination. Join us for a free showing of this work-in-progress.

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts and Gogi Dance Collective

Eats & Drinks before, during or after?

We highly recommend booking at our Café.

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