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Daily Isochievements


Camille Manley

About This Project:

Being stuck in lockdown at home can be challenging for a lot of people, especially in a social, active, outdoor city.

Daily Isochievements celebrates the simple activities we can find joy in each day, keeping us mentally and physically in shape while in isolation here in the Gold Coast.

Every day for seven days, a mixed media illustration will highlight a cheap and accessible task that can be used to add structure and fulfilment to our days. Some days that may just be taking a shower, and that’s ok. In a world where we are constantly scrolling and comparing, it’s time to give ourselves permission to slow down.

This project was partially inspired by a New York Times article by retired astronaut Scott Kelly about isolation.

The Project Outcome:

Follow our Instagram from Mon 11 May for Camille’s Daily Isochievement illustrations.

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About the Artist:

Camille is multidisciplinary artist who has called the Gold Coast home for the past four years, working across digital illustration, visual art and graphic design. Through her freelance practice, she enjoys exploring and blurring the boundaries between digital and traditional mediums.

Using detailed elements, subtle texture and dynamic colours, Camille believes art and design are places to bring joy, inspire and enhance our surroundings, but can also be a powerful tool to help discuss challenging societal themes. She often includes layered storylines through her work, bringing characters and objects to life.

Camille has created editorial and public art for organisations including the City of Gold Coast, McSweeney’s, Sydney Festival, Sydney Writers’ Festival and iFLY Gold Coast.


Daily Isochievements has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus).

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Image credit: Illustration by Camille Manley.