Creative Development Program

Creative Development Program

Thank you to all the artists and organisations that have applied to the Creative Development Program for 2019. Submissions have now closed and the Selection Panel are now underway with submission reviews.

Wondering when you’ll hear back? Check out the selection timeline below for key dates.

Selection Timeline

Stage 1

HOTA calls for EOIs:  Nov 28

Submissions close:  Midnight, Jan 25

Shortlisted Artist/s invited to interviews:  Mid Feb, 2019

Interviews:  Mid/Late Feb, 2019

Stage 2

Artists invited to Development Stage:  Mar 1, 2019

Planning stage:  Mar – Apr, 2019

Stage 3

Development period:  Apr – Sept 2019

The Selection Panel

The selection panel is comprised of representatives from within HOTA, and the arts sector with observers from the City Arts and Culture Unit.

Selection Criteria 

  1. Artistic standard – Project
    1. Artists ability to demonstrate where this opportunity sits within their current practice and future plans
  2. Artistic Standard – Artist/s
    1. Demonstrated ability to develop works of high caliber

Relevant Form Section
– Project Overview
– Project Detail

Weighting 30%

  1. Alignment to ‘What We’re Looking For’
    1. Ability to articulate how your project aligns with ‘What we’re looking for’
    2. Contribution to the community through HOTA

Relevant Form Section
– What We’re Looking For’

Weighting 40%

  1. Feasibility
    1. Project is feasible within proposed budget/timeline
    2. Artists have the skills/experience/networks in place to deliver the project, or the project plan identifies strategies for sourcing these.

Relevant Form Section
– Eligibility
– Funding
– Project Overview

Weighting 30%


Applications must be made online at the HOTA website using the form provided. If you are unable to submit online, please contact us so we can provide postage/delivery details.

Applications close date Midnight Jan 25, 2019.

You will be notified that your application has been received via the contact details you provide. All Artists will be notified of the outcome of their application after the selection panel meeting.

A conforming submission is a submission which meets all the requirements set out in this document.  Failure to respond to or meet any of the requirements set out in these conditions may result in the application being deemed a non-conforming submission.


Do you need any help figuring out where your project may fit? Please contact us if you want to discuss your ideas further. As this is an open application, any clarifications relating to the broader opportunity will be uploaded and shared via the project FAQ page.

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Web Links

Home of the Arts  –

Reference for current HOTA program –

Cultural Precinct website (for build information) –

City of Gold Coast Culture Strategy –

What’s it all about?

We want to support art-making and provide platforms for creative development, presentation and collaboration. We want to help local artists take risks, experiment and create great art.

With a little help from our friends at City of Gold Coast, the Creative Development opportunity, in year one, will be split into two streams, Little Bites and Big Bites. There will be a combined total funding pool of over $200,000 in cash and in-kind resources.

Read on for the details or download all the information below.


Do you need any help figuring out where your project may fit? Please contact us if you want to discuss your ideas further. As this is an open application, any clarifications relating to the broader opportunity will be uploaded and shared via the project FAQ page.

Contact us

We will help artists across two key programs:

Stream 1 – Little Bites

For projects that need a little help to get the ball rolling. This is generally for projects that are in initial stages of development, or for projects with a clear ambition for use of space and resources at HOTA. This may look like any of the following:

o Up to $5000 in cash support; and/or
o Up to $5000 value in in-kind support, for example:
▪ Use of HOTA spaces for development of work for up to two weeks
▪ Use of HOTA spaces for presentation for up to seven days
▪ Use of HOTA technicians to assist with technical show development
▪ Use of outdoor spaces
▪ Tapping into HOTA ticketing and marketing resources for a showing

Stream 2 – Big Bites

For projects that are large, complex and delivered by a professional team with a proven track record. This may look like any of the following:
o Up to $40,000 in cash support
o Up to $40,000 value in in-kind support

Keep in mind that if you are applying for a Little Bite in year one, you may want to come back in year two and have a go at the Big Bite opportunity. We want to support artists to grow their little ideas into big projects.

Are you eligible?

You’re eligible for this opportunity if you can demonstrate a significant connection to the Gold Coast as an:

  • Individual artist


  • Arts company

Collaborations between artists and organisations are allowed and encouraged (including with national/international artists/organisations)

Project Leads must identify with the Gold Coast Region as either:

  • Currently working or residing here
  • Developing a body of work here


This is an open opportunity and art forms are only bound by the practical considerations outlined in this EOI. We have a strong preference for collaborations and cross-arts projects. Considered art forms include, but are not limited to:

  • Theatre
  • Dance
  • Circus
  • Physical Theatre
  • Music
  • Performance Art
  • Visual Art
  • Design
  • Public Art
  • Community-engaged arts practice
  • Film/Video

What we’re looking for?

We’re looking for artists who want to push boundaries and bring new ideas to the table. This opportunity is artist-led, development focused and not tied to presentation outcomes or the HOTA program. We do, however have a few key priorities with this funding, we’re seeking projects that are:

  • Collaborative – including national and international
  • Cross-arts
  • Multi-platform
  • New
  • Shifting, expanding or stretching an artists practice in a new direction

We’re looking for projects that bring together high calibre artists and ideas to create great artistic outcomes.

We’d like the successful Artist/s to contribute to our growing ecosystem of artists and community by having a public engagement element to their project. Along with documenting and social media sharing, this could be anything from an industry or public showing, workshop, masterclass or something else. The successful Artist/s will liaise with HOTA to develop this component and should expect to allocate up to 20 hours to these activities.

Practical Considerations

HOTA is in a stage of growth and transition as the precinct prepares itself for major development over the coming years, including the construction of a new HOTA Gallery and Green Bridge. This has practical implications to what can and can’t be done onsite. A few key considerations:

  • The Gallery at HOTA will be closed from Nov 2018 to Mar 2020. The front foyer areas will remain accessible, but no formal gallery space will exist. Construction has commenced for the new HOTA Gallery.
  • The Green Bridge will commence build in 2019, connecting the outdoor parklands to Chevron Island to the north.
  • HOTA has both commercial bookings and its annual program throughout the precinct at different times, some spaces will be subject to availability and can be confirmed if you are selected to participate in the program.
  • Use of the Basement and outdoor spaces (e.g. parkland) is encouraged
  • Your project is not bound to take place onsite, however it must contribute to HOTA through public engagement.

Process Overview

Stage 1: Expression of Interest

Open Expression of Interest to local Artists. If you’re interested, submit an application, provide an overview of your idea, plans, previous work and future aspirations.

Stage 2: Shortlist Interviews

Shortlisted artists will be invited to meet with the selection panel and discuss their submission and ideas further.

From this pool, projects will be selected to move into development with HOTA. This decision will be made in consultation with relevant key stakeholders including: the Board of HOTA and City of Gold Coast Arts and Culture Unit.

Stage 3: Development

The successful Artists will work with HOTA to develop their plan and resource and facility needs. Once confirmed, Artists will be able to move into a creative development of their own imagining.


  • All parties need to be satisfied that the proposal is achievable within the budget and timeline available.