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Creative Development Program

Creative Development Program


Like the rest of the world, we were forced to adapt and realign our operations this year due to COVID-19. We know things at HOTA will be different for some time to come, but you can be assured that we remain deeply committed to supporting Gold Coast artists now and in the future.

We made the difficult decision to not run the Creative Development Program in its existing format in 2020. HOTA is at its best when it’s full of artists rehearsing, creating and experimenting but in early 2020 we were unable to make any firm commitments for this particular strand of artist support. We know this was disappointing but there will be new opportunities for local artists going forward and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

On that note, during our closure period we commissioned 51 local artists to create and share new work online through Rage against the V(irus). We were prepared for imperfect ideas but we’ve been in awe of the creative excellence of GC artists. Make sure you check out their work here.

And behind closed doors, the new HOTA Gallery is on track to open on Sat 8 May 2021. We fast-tracked a new commissioning fund for up to 20 local artists to make and present work in a major exhibition and we can’t wait to see their work in the first exhibition in the new gallery: Sold Gold: Artists from Paradise. And we’ve just announced the first year of programs and exhibitions you’ll be able to see in the new HOTA Gallery.

If you have any questions about the Creative Development Program please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help.

2020 Applicant Information

While our 2020 Creative Development Program may not be going ahead, documents containing background on the program are available below for reference.

Expression of Interest

Past Participants

In 2019, the first year of the program, we received more than 254 applications covering art forms such as theatre, dance, music, performing arts, public art and film. We were looking for projects that were collaborative, cross-arts, multi-platform and works that shifted or expanded an artist’s current practice. 52 artists were shortlisted with 12 chosen to receive support.

Read more about the successful artists and their projects here:

Image 1 – Project: Laniakea. Pictured: Yu Jung Chen. Photo: Leximagery. Image 2 – Project: Re: Membering. Pictured: Umwelt Creative. Photo: Tangible Media. Image 3 – Project: Saltwater City. Pictured: Riannon McLean. Photo: Pearly Black. Image 4 – Project: Selfless Driving Car by Michael Candy. Photo: Tangible Media. Image 5 – Project: Siblingo. Pictured: Maitreyah and Kayah Guenther. Photo: Jorge Serra. Image 6 – Project: Space Invaders. Pictured: Agents of Confusion. Photo: Tangible Media.  Image 7 – Project: Stories in the Key of GC. Pictured: Fletcher Babb and Tim Baker. Photo: Leximagery. Image 8 – Project: Veople. Pictured: Veople alongside artwork by Jason Haggerty. Photo: Tangible Media.