Daniel Sloss - X


Internationally acclaimed, award-winning Scottish stand-up star, Daniel Sloss returns to Australia with his new show, X. Brilliantly dark with razor-sharp wit and the ability to deftly spin a narrative, Sloss is a comedian who is “dirty, sweet and clever” (New York Times).

Returning off the back of two recent Netflix specials, Sloss offers a slick and genuinely witty performance that comes with a warning that it deals with some challenging contemporary themes delivered with “precision timing, perfectly place silence and unfettered confidence” [Herald Sun, UK].

X is his 10th solo show and if you’ve not seen him live before, it’s time to find out why he is fast becoming one of the world’s biggest names in comedy!

Presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts, GC Laughs Festival, Century and MZA

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