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Circular World


Pru Wilson

About This Project:

Circular World is a digital photographic series with the concept of taking artistic images of circular objects found in and around photographer Pru Wilson’s home whilst in isolation during COVID-19 pandemic.

The objects are not just merely photographed as they would usually be found within the household, they are placed and photographed to create eye catching or images that can be questioned viewed and discussed.

The images within the series will total to 88 circular objects – can you find them all?

Circular World is being created and developed in unprecedented times, whilst living in unknown surreal conditions – staying home. Pru has used these circumstances to step outside her ‘normal circular bubble’, challenging herself as a photographer to create something as unusual as the time we are living in.

The Project Outcome:

Here’s what Pru created – watch her videos now…

About the Artist:

Pru Wilson is a Gold Coast based photographer, videographer, choreographer, dancer, producer and all-round creative. Her love of cameras and creating in many forms has been with her from a young age.

Having grown up on the Gold Coast and in the last few years returning from living interstate and overseas she is becoming a part of the arts and cultural scene very much on the Gold Coast.

She has photographed, recorded and edited many live performances, business & product promotional videos both in Australia and overseas. As a photographic artist she has explored different areas of interest throughout her career as a creative. With the world around us changing day to day so are her thoughts on how to be creative and make a living.


Circular World has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus). 

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Image credit: Photo by Dane Scott Creative.