Opening with women chaining themselves to Brisbane’s iconic Regatta Hotel in protest of the then ban on women drinking in pubs, Brazen Hussies unpacks the creation of Australia’s feminist movement. Drawing on rare archival footage and pungent interviews, Brazen Hussies, with wit and insight, reveals how now seemingly absurd controls and expectations on women led them to forming new grassroot networks to fight for justice and equality.

Key activists, thinkers and artists, Anne Summers, Elizabeth Reid, Margot Nash, Pat O’Shane, Suzanne Bellamy and others provide testimony on this re-energising of women’s rights. In the film’s considered tracing of Australia’s feminist movement, its grappling with Indigenous rights, queer culture, and attempts to work within political parties, Brazen Hussies reveals both a history of the movement’s success, but also the struggles of reconciling a multitude of perspectives and coming into the mainstream.

Country: Australia

Curated by Gold Coast Film Festival