From 17 December visitors to HOTA will be required to be fully vaccinated. Check our FAQs here.

Cinema FAQ

What's on at HOTA Cinema?

You can view what’s showing now and what’s coming soon at HOTA Cinema.

Where is the cinema timetable?

You can view the cinema timetable here.

How do I buy cinema tickets?

You can buy tickets for HOTA Cinema online or at our Box Office.

Please note you will be sold an unreserved seat and will be allocated a physical seat when you arrive.

Do HOTA Members receive a discount on cinema tickets?

Yes, all HOTA Members receive a discount on cinema tickets. More information on cinema prices can be found here.

What technology do you have to help me enjoy the movie?

You can read about the technology we have to assist hearing impaired or visually impaired guests here.

I've got a Complimentary Cinema Pass, when is it valid?

HOTA Complimentary Passes are valid for all movies at all times except those stating: No Free Tickets, No Free List. This term is at the Distributors discretion. A valid date will be located on the pass.

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