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Arts Bus Fund

The Jock and Beverly McIlwain Arts Bus Fund

Arts Bus Fund is an initiative to assist in reducing the cost of bus travel to HOTA. Schools can apply to the fund to receive a one-off subsidy to contribute towards bus travel to see an exhibition, performance or participate in a workshop.

Teachers, please note: this is a subsidy program and you will need to book your own buses.

The subsidies available are graded as per the below:

Booking for 99 students or under – $250.00 subsidy  |  Booking for 100 students or over – $500.00 subsidy

If two or more buses are required to transfer your students to HOTA, a $500.00 subsidy may also be granted.

About Jock and Beverly McIlwain

Jock and Beverly McIlwain were a treasured part of the HOTA family, passionate arts advocates and long-term supporters. Sadly, Jock passed away in April 2016, and Beverly  in Dec 2019, they will be greatly missed, but their legacy in the Jock and Beverly McIlwain Arts Bus Fund will continue to support arts access for local children.

Jock and Beverly were passionate about developing arts appreciation in young people and were committed to ensuring that there are fewer financial barriers for our future generations to access the arts.  Jock and Beverly’s passion and dedication for the arts and its role in education was highlighted in 2013 when they established the Jock and Beverly McIlwain Arts Bus Fund, a subsidy available to local schools to reduce the cost of bus travel to HOTA. To date this fund has helped over 10,000 Gold Coast children to gain access to the arts and culture program at HOTA. For this, we are very grateful.

Jock and Beverly will be greatly missed but their generosity and legacy will live on at HOTA and be felt for many generations to come.