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Byron Coathup and Rebecca Ross

About This Project:

BOTH | SIDES responds to the current QLD/NSW border closures. Living on either side of the border, collaborators Rebecca Ross (Queensland) and Byron Coathup (New South Wales), are unable to meet up to make work, conceptualise projects, or surf! The artworks employ a split-screen editing technique with each artist creating one half of the work. The visible line or split in the videos acts as a virtual border, dividing the disparate and distant workspaces of the artists and their work. The work explores the often arbitrary nature of borders; the QLD/NSW border is marked mostly by the 29th Parallel South, a ready-made path in the circle of latitude of 29 degrees south. The 29th Parallel South is not unique to Australia, it circles Earth’s equatorial plane latitude at 29 degrees south and crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America.

The Project Outcome:

Watch the result of Rebecca and Byron’s collaborations below.



DERIVE plays on the key ideas of the Situationists, with both artists taking a self-guided trip along road markings and through urban geographies.

DRIFT follows the movement of a rollerblader and a ball drifting across lines without any consideration for the zones of the playing fields that they are situated in.

DRAW looks upwards, the slow tracing of lines in the sky acting as a transient marking-up of the heavens and a carving up of clouds.

About the Artists:

Byron Coathup
Byron Coathup is a cross-disciplinary visual artist and graphic designer. He often combines mixed mediums and objects that are conceptually suggestive of his ideas and projects. His work is evident in the details of creating spaces where he transforms and reinterprets objects that have had a past life. He is driven to collaborate with others in order to share in the creative process of art making and discovering new visual languages.

Byron has built and curated larger projects that are often placed outside the gallery walls and within a festival arena. His drive to collaborate and curate a sense of community through his artist network is evident in projects such as Super Souvenir (2018), Borderlands (2019) and Maverick Hair & Art Space (Ongoing). He holds a Bachelor of Fine Art (QCA 2008) and a Graduate Diploma in Design (RMIT 2012). Byron has exhibited locally and interstate with regional galleries and artist run initiatives such as; HOTA Gallery (Gold Coast), The Walls Art Space (Miami), Testing Grounds (Melbourne) and Byron School of Art (Mullumbimby).

Rebecca Ross
Rebecca Ross is an artist, curator, academic and Director of local artist run initiative THE WALLS ART SPACE. She was awarded a Master of Fine Art from Queensland University of Technology in 2005. Rebecca has undertaken art projects for Festival 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, Metricon Stadium, Gold Coast University Hospital and Robina Health Precinct and has participated in international artist in residence programs in Malta, Italy and New Zealand. Rebecca was the inaugural recipient of the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor’s Young and Emerging Artists’ Fellowship and has received Career Development Grants from Arts Queensland and the Regional Arts Development Fund Gold Coast including a mentorship to travel to Los Angeles and Miami, U.S.A. Her work has been shown internationally in Malta and New Zealand as well as at the Embassy of Australia in Washington D.C., USA, and at the British School at Rome supported by Australia Council for the Arts. In 2020 her championing of the work of local artists was recognised with an International Women’s Day Leadership Award.


BOTH | SIDES has been supported by HOTA, Home of the Arts through HOTA’s Artist Fund, Rage Against The V(irus).

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Image credit: Photo by Byron Coathup and Rebecca Ross.