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ArtLab Online – Seaweed School

ArtLab Online – Seaweed School with Danni Zuvela

A workshop for curious kids who love to experiment. Explore the world of seaweed with Danni Zuvela, founder of the Seaweed Society, an artist, curator and writer who listens to plants and forages for wild seaweed.

Together we’ll discover the natural world with art and technology. Using microscopes, computers and our eyes, we’ll examine the structure of different seaweeds, draw them big and small, and learn a little about wild seaweed, in and out of the water.

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About the Artist:

The Seaweed Society is an artists’ collective dedicated to experimental practice with seaweed. We explore the world from a seaweed-centric perspective. Our activities include collective foraging and beach-cleaning activities; microscope workshops; reading and listening groups; and experimental performances. The Seaweed Society was formed on the Gold Coast by artists Makiko Yamamoto and Danni Zuvela.

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ArtLab – Seaweed School is presented by HOTA, Home of the Arts as part of the RAGE ON(line) program.

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